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by JayWood

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I’m tired of living in my skin I feel like a washed up hasbeen Looking for the day I can go beat up the sun The day is won, well that was fun Lately i’ve been feeling sick Offspring grow up so quick I just wanna stay out and hope the garden shows All that i’ve done Cause I don’t wanna walk with you Cause all the things you’d put me through Yeah I know it’s been a little while And i’ll do all the things to (see you smile x3) Well I know a... I’m thinking I should call it quits? *Woah* Hold up stop the bullshit Take a look at yourself Write it out, let it show, drop it off, hold your breath I’ll let you know If we’re leading on dismissal Lies ruin lives like the missiles Well I just have to say~ it I don’t wanna run with you Cause all the shit you put me through Yeah young nigga in while That prove all the things put (in denial x3) Well I don’t wanna run with you All i’m sayin is, don’t be hard on yourself Cause all the pain goes to the sky And still they wait to see you smile, see you smiling OH! God is a Well I don’t wanna run with you All i’m sayin is, don’t be hard on yourself Cause all the pain goes to the sky So go and find the, loving sun somewhere else I don’t really wanna run with you Just wanna hear you say, give love to something real Cause all the pain goes to the sky And still they wait to see you smile, see you smiling Oh God is a…….God is a reptile
Nothing was done Let it stay in the sun You just pray move on x2 And I hope it was fun We’re not saying no one You just pray move on x2
Well right away I can spend all day Finding words that resemble the pain Cause lifes too short Play the game, win the sport, it’s the goal We all run to, engrained Well Tides go wave, watch the world drift away Making love, making money unshared Cause there’s a time and place I hope we all win the race it’s enough to stay~up all night Up up up all all night x4 Poverty, pulled outta me So cold and just left in the trash The seven seas, we killed the reefs They’re home to our old plastic bags Where are the bees? Don’t lie to me They choke on the smoke from our planes Society, Grow outta reach The woes from the past come in waves And if you think the light will turn on over night and day Just take a look out in this world, let's start this right away Let's start today, let's save the day cmon x2 Love again
Just because you grew up in a dream Don’t mean, no harm no foul People don’t go out of their way To see the world on fire Pre Hook Because they’re giving what you wanna do to you Giving what you wanna do right Giving what you wanna do to you Giving what you can’t fight Hook So let’s just put some houses by the rivers Where anyone can go, for a living Even if you’re broke you’re forgiven I’m just sayin (give it a chance) x2 Just let me see some homes with the views Where anyone can grow like one of you Even if they don’t take a stance I’m just sayin (Give it a chance) x2 We’re drifting fast our souls enslaved Hope you enjoy the ride But why, oh why do we choose this denial That takes away our pride Cause I’m feeling something inside Everyday just moved on, never finding love Still I try, with everyday we’re living Find a way to push on Shine the light above Back to Pre Hook Back to Hook Bridge I’m just looking to the future I’m not looking to the past I just wanna see the healing, grieving, feeling, breathin What is the meaning? I’m not thinkin bout the future We can’t go down that path Cause i’m just rooted in the here the now, the black, the brown The truth, the sun of what's to come so Back to the hook
Love has got me fucked up I’m without luck and it seems That i’m too divided, just one sided Yup that’s me Cause there’s no hiding place Outta faith Just let me take you for a little while, girl There’s no hiding place, out of phase I’m hoping that we’ll find a better way, there~ If you wanted, just go and get by If only you could decide Oooh real wrecking real, just tell me what’s the deal It won't do Instead I got my head to the floor as you ask me what for? Is it true? There’s no hiding place, out of space I wanna see this in a new light, love~ Just don’t let these wandering dreams hurt you I hope that you can wait by All this time is spent, now forget How do we close out this distance now? Whatever you want me to do for you, if only you can decide Oooh real wrecking real, just tell me what’s the deal It won't do Instead I got my head to the floor as you ask me what for? Is it true? X2 Love~ what is love?~ love
Cash Money got me, so good Rolling paper like I should~ (Tell me) Don’t worry bout your skin type If your hands in the bucket we gon be alright~ It’s kinda funny (What's kinda funny?) I’m feelin low (So low?) Red and blue show, time to go It aint easy, to get high With all these white folks in power Dats my kryptonite~ Maybe we should just back it up x3 All people can just back it on, is that enough? (Repeat) Cast over, yeah it’s all the same So confused they got no one to blame Now fast forward just keep your, skin tight If it’s pain over losing, maybe I don’t mind (codeswitch) Well fuck, come down and support poor communities Help define balance, make better opportunities This train of thought might be bad for your health When you can’t afford a ticket cause the payment is wealth How come we can’t find jobs that help support freedoms Change these litigations, abolish the cops don’t need em It’s kinda sad, but that’s the way that it goes I guess this life be really like that. Well damn Confused? Still enslaved by the brother hand (Big brother’s hands) Abused? You’d be white in the motherland (Say what?) Who would’ve thought that it comes from the past When you don’t know what is left cause your rights go fast (well what about you then?) Oh me? It starts in education Left out the room, lost in imagination Single out non conformity Just leave em outta the majority (So why don’t you get the fuck out then?) Cause I’m damned if I do, damned if i’m not (Chosen) You can pick the spot, you can pick the spot (Go down) And tell the whole damn crew livin in tiny rooms They can give up on their problems oh look at you You think you know all of the drama but you fit the type (chow down) Cause niggas run around like “we gon be alright” (Jonestown) While it goes with seasons for no fuckin reason While 8 miles make money off this shit Soooo Go back, relearn, never too late look at me by myself Just go back and don’t wait for me Turn back, no home, no confusion go and live your life Just go back it’s too late for me x2 Just back it up, maybe we can just back it up~
With the sun up high and the rain never lettin up In the end just let my people shine x2 Jay I’m just fighting for the shades and the colours Half assed one thing, fast tracked the other Cause it’s too hard to keep my head straight Unless I go 4 days, 5 dates, rackin up the real estate Now stack up your shoes, showcase your tans Never mind just hide light of blessing who I am I could just go down to miami and get my head beat By a stalkin hillbo that hates kneelin athletes Well I don’t know who needs to hear it They run the whole world now, but we’re not gettin comfortable Hide your head, no need to block your sorrows I bet they had a lot of bright ideas, god rest their souls Hands in the air so they don’t start The feels that i feel got me so far But we keep buzzing through the seasons Like we’re black and yellows Then watch the feed drop everyday it’s all the same It’s not too late to stop this~ With the sun up high and the rain never lettin up In the end just let my people shine x4 It’s not too late to stop this~ “I don’t even know what to say man, yenno I really do wish I was more of a poet, i’m tripped up, truly I don’t really know what the fuck is going on these days. I don’t know what the fuck is going on. Shit’s confusing right now. Yenno imma stop talking, i’m gonna let my boy Kin say somethin” Mckinley Charcoal covers my skin, Running through the night, Wonder where I end and begin My gods were killed by those that wrote what tied em to the ground, Then claimed that there ain’t enough worship to all go around How that work, In the mirror tall, with my lil stance, Copy papa look, Could kill you wit a glance, Saying sorry to my youngins in advance, Grown man til my auntie ask me do my little dance, Hard bottoms clickin in this place of worship, Praying these wings can hold enough to halt the falls inertia, But the ground is getting closer, Yellin why this isnt workin, Flailing arms, These words can’t come out, before I hit the earth and, Breathe nigga breathe, Woke up sweating, What it mean, what it mean, The prollem with this pain, Is that a nigga must react, I’m only doin this so when you running, Sun could hit yo back, Like Word? What’s the word? What’s the word, What’s the word? What's the word? Jay Well well well The word is on the street, the problems we see, come forward then collapse This ain’t no mishap just open your eyes ACAB Mckinley My Oops end up like Doodlebop Erased when that pen touch the note pad top Then forgot bout when the next episode drop It’s crazy my niggas might block ya shots Jay It’s so shameful like all these white folks in dreadlocks Is it the truth? The Lie? The wealth disguised as humble lies cut through the tides I can’t tell Mckinley Scarecrow Light Em up, Watch me burn, Whose neck, Is next, Getting stepped on, If they don’t respect, The young boys with S up on they chest Jay Instead of burying all these young men in their sunday best for real It’s not too late to stop this~ With the sun up high and the rain never letting up In the end just let my people shine x5 “Just don’t don’t forget it, don’t don’t forget it, say their names”
Tulips 05:54
(Na na na na na na na na na, I miss you, I missed you, I missed youth) x4 Leaning on my teacher today, nearly knocked my head around Another useless Thursday, I see, some hopeful side of me because We’re going to double B’s this Friday, that always turns my mood around Is this the game we’re playing? Shy goals and outer dreams because I hope that we can stay together I missed youth~ (Na na na na na na na na na, I missed you x2 I missed youth) x4 We wouldn’t go to church on Saturday I couldn’t get my head around Jesus give me some peace Cause out coasting out of sync So, when we come to see you Sunday It always turns my head around Useless to think somethings but i’ll prove another day Because, I know that these things are changing x2 Well I feel so stupid stupid x8 Looking down at your feet Hope that they’ll wait on me Smiling hides in your fields No one can say there’s no will Hope that they’ll never leave, hope that they wait to see Smiling swell at your heels cause all i’m thinking is What about love? Let me just prove to you, I don’t know the god you love It’s never really gonna be anything you’re not above Let me just prove to you, all the flowers bring good luck It’s never really gonna be anything you’ve gotta show Let me just prove to you… Look I know that you’re healing, so aren’t you happy? I am gone ~ I am (I know x3) you will never falter No no no no I know x3 you will never crumble. Noooo~ I am gone ~ I am (I know x3) you will never wander. Noooo~ I am gone ~ I am (I know x3) you’ll be okay. (I know x3) you’re gonna be okay ~ (I know x3) that you’re healing, you’re gonna be okay
I am your mind boi Pour me out some whine boi I can take your sadness, all your kindness, all of your joy Knock knock knock Don’t mean to run up on your spot I know you’re looking for some purpose No you won’t be coming here a lot So stop all that pain within, stop all dat “I’m okay, you’re fine” Bending over backwards overcome that cause I am your mind Real talk, you need to wake up or get got Before the sun comes out and beats your ass for lying in the plot I’m gone~ If you’re healing, you’re gonna be okay If you’re feeling down
Thank You 03:44
Dearly parted Thanks for all the fears i’ve met Dearly parted It’s over, guess i’ll see you in the next life I’m hopeful you’ll be acting right Dearly parted Stay right there and watch me grow Dearly parted It’s over, but i’ll let you know it’s my time now So circle in your roundabout Well I~ just wanna thank you For the best years of my life When I finally bloom, i’ll shock ya There’s some loneliness that follows But the best is yet to come Just wanna let you know that x 2 Cause the best is yet to come x2 Here’s hoping time will help when feeling low Here’s hoping it’s not that bad thinking you’re in heaven now So i’ll just keep my head up in the clouds Seems hard to go down roads i’ve never known Seems hard to flow forward Not thinking about what happens now? But imma do my best to make you proud Well I~ just wanna thank you For the best years of my life When I finally bloom, i’ll shock ya There’s some loneliness that follows But the best is yet to come Just wanna let you know that x 2 Just keep your head up in the clouds Look forward, don’t stop, just grow on Cause the best is yet to come x3
You just prayed, move on You just prayed, move on Just keep your head up in the clouds, Look forward, don’t stop, just grow on


Canadian songwriter and producer Jeremy Haywood-Smith needed an escape from his state of mourning when he began working on Slingshot, his most recent LP as JayWood, the recording project he started in 2015. After the loss of his mother in 2019 and a global standstill with multiple social crises throughout 2020, Haywood-Smith yearned for some forward momentum. “The idea of looking back to go forward became a really big thing for me—hence the title, Slingshot.” Haywood-Smith explains. Feeling disconnected from his past and ancestry after the death of a parent, Haywood-Smith made a conscious effort to better understand his identity and unique Black experience living in the predominantly white province of Manitoba. Through a year of self reflection and reconnection with his roots, Haywood-Smith has made the biggest leap forward for his project JayWood by simply looking back. Merging fantasy scenarios, personal anecdotes, and infectious pop and dance instrumentals, Slingshot is a self-portrait of JayWood at his surface and his depths.

Haywood-Smith was born and raised in the Canadian prairies, spending most of his life in the city of Winnipeg. Since 2015 JayWood has captured the young writer’s journey of self discovery and heartache through unique songwriting and an ever-evolving sound. Haywood-Smith taught himself how to write and record during the primitive days of the project, but has developed through challenging himself to never fear change. Haywood-Smith’s soulful voice and dynamic production style shines through his 2021 release, Some Days—a polished reworking of his 2015 EP of the same name. Despite the culturally homogenous nature of his hometown, Haywood-Smith takes inspiration from a wide range of Black performers and artists working in all genres and eras. Visionary artists like Kendrick Lamar inspired Haywood-Smith’s approach to storytelling and world-building while constructing this album. “I love Kendrick’s ability to pull from life experiences growing up and conveying a message that’s greater than himself.” says Haywood-Smith “This album felt like I was making something that I would want my younger self to hear.” Slingshot is Haywood-Smith’s most conceptually layered and sonically varied release to date. His sophistication as a recording artist is evident in a record that could seamlessly serve as the soundtrack to a legendary house party or a bike ride alone in the woods.

The narrative for Slingshot takes place in the span of one day. From the first track to the last track, JayWood takes you on a journey that touches on themes of childhood, religion, and identity. “With this album I looked back at every version of myself, while simultaneously trying to be the best version of myself.” says Haywood-Smith. While writing and recording the album he put together a complex “script” mapping out all of the plot points, environments, characters that make up this surreal version of his real life. The album is filled with subtle sonic moments and vivid scenes that a listener can keep discovering after several listens. “I wanted the record to really pull you in and reward deep listening.” says Haywood-Smith. He puts deep thought into every second that happens on the album, allowing the fictional vignettes to speak greater truths about his life and the world around him.

“With everything I do, I try to leave time-capsules for myself.” Haywood-Smith admits. “It’s been really nice to get to know myself through that level of vulnerability.” Slingshot is a coming of age album rooted in the songwriter’s personal life and picks up where his first album left off. Although the album is close to home for Haywood-Smith, to record the project he worked closely with engineers Arthur Antony and Will Grierson. “Art and Will really pushed me on this album and I learned a lot from them,” says Haywood-Smith. “For ‘God is a Reptile’ we spent so long looking for a sermon to sample for the breakdown, and ended up talking about our thoughts on religion for hours.” “Just Saying” was originally written by Haywood-Smith with the intention to be given to another artist to perform, but he pushed himself to expand his vocal range and embody the confidence that pop music requires for the track. “Shine”, possibly the darkest moment on the album, was written the night George Floyd was murdered. “I wrote that song during a moment when it felt like everyone was suddenly activated by this tragedy that so many collectively experienced.”

Musically, Slingshot reaches into sounds and styles Haywood-Smith has continued to explore throughout his catalog. “I think I made a really big deal to not pigeonhole myself,” he explains. “Whatever is inspiring me at one point will work its way into whatever I’m creating.” Slingshot is an amalgamation of Haywood-Smith’s many musical sensibilities, achieved with help from a crew of talented peers. Haywood-Smith wrote and performed a bulk of the track’s instrumentations, but the LP has notable appearances from Canadian contemporaries Ami Cheon (on “Just Sayin”) and Mckinley Dixon (on “Shine.”) “Shine” and “Tulips” feature back up vocals by fellow Manitoban musician Kayla Fernandes who fronts the doom-metal band Vagina Witchcraft. The album’s penultimate track, “Thank You,” was co-produced with Jacob Portrait of Unknown Mortal Orchestra. The song brings JayWood’s sound full circle, offering something reminiscent of Haywood-Smith’s earliest recordings while flaunting that “The best is yet to come.”

Slingshot, JayWood’s first full length with the Brooklyn-based label Captured Tracks, is set to release in summer 2022. His powerful performances and pensive writing create a cohesive listening experience littered with new wisdom and hidden references to the artist’s past material. Haywood-Smith and company hope to take the songs on the road for their first North American tour following the album’s release.


released July 15, 2022

All songs Written by Jeremy Haywood-Smith

Recorded at Jeremy’s Apartment, Collector Studios and No Fun Studios
Engineer - Collector Studios (Arthur Antony & Will Grierson)
Producer - Jeremy Haywood-Smith & Collector Studios
Executive Producer - Jeremy Haywood-Smith
Track 11 Co-Produced by Jeremy Haywood-Smith & Jacob Portrait
Track 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,9,11 Mixed by Gloria Kaba
Track 8,10,12 Mixed by Collector Studios & Jeremy Haywood-Smith
Mastered by Tatsuya Sato


all rights reserved



JayWood Winnipeg, Manitoba

JayWood is Jeremy Haywood-Smith

From Winnipeg MB

What started as bedroom "sad jangle pop songs" just singing about how sad or miserable he was, things slowly started to change as time went into the more "psych funk" sound that is shown today! ... more

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